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We all know about the natural processes of getting pregnant but when the natural process of getting pregnant does not work for years, couples must go to the doctors for regular checkup. And they must be sure about their position of getting pregnant. Usually the complications of being pregnant always happens with the girls rather than happening with the boys but the boys are no different from this complications as they may have complications in their reproduction organs. The reproduction organs of both male and females may not work at a same rate as they grow up at a minimum age but it is unnatural having a problem with production before that age. In such cases, people usually get help from the doctors. The doctors can solve the reproduction problem. The reproduction problem is of different types.

The production problem can be solved through many different things. If people know about the test tube, they can easily have a test tube baby. The test tube babies are no different from the naturally born babies. The babies are born from the womb of its mother but of the mother do not have uterus or the other necessary organs for reproductions. Either mother or the surrogate mother carries the babies. The babies are prepared in a tube that is the reason for calling such babies as test tube babies. The surrogate mother carries the baby for several months and then the baby sees the light of the world. SITE says that the surrogates are the great helper of this world. The babies should not be pampered more. The babies should get the equal rights and also the obligations that are help upon the normal babies.

The surrogates can be at any age. The only criteria a surrogate need to fulfill is to have a uterus. The uterus is the place where the embryo is set up to grow to a baby and the uterus is the place where the baby lives. There is confusion about the age of the surrogate mother while this is made sure that the surrogate can be of any age. Even the surrogate passes the menstrual cycles or passes the menopause, can get pregnant by surrogacy. Menopause means stopping the egg producing not the pregnancy. So there should be no confusion in these matters and people should have more idea about the In Vitro Fertilization process not to be confused.


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